94 Hydraulic Pulling Set - Gouda Geo-Equipment BV
  • Hydraulic pulling set with Honda gasoline engine
  • Pulling device with 2 hydraulic cylinder on concave base-plate
  • Hydraulic pulling set in transport mode
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Hydraulic Pulling Set

Hydraulic Pulling Unit

Hydraulic pulling device with a lifting capacity of 140 kN (14 T). Pulling speed approx. 1.3 m/min. It consists of a hydraulic power-pack with powerful 4-stroke Honda GX-200 petrol engine (4.8 kW / 6.5 HP) and a high-strength 2-cylinder hydraulic pulling device with convex bottom, which is compatible with both ball and wedge clamps, passage 90 mm, stroke 150 mm. Weight of the power-pack is approx. 59 kg, weight of the pulling device approx. 26 kg. Comes complete with an automatic control module for automatic reversal of the direction of movement at the top and bottom position. Direction of pulling can also be selected manually.

Transport Trolley

Trolley with 400 mm wheels suitable for rough terrain for the transport of the hydraulic power-pack and pulling device. The power-pack can be placed easily by means of quick acting locks. The detachable tow bar reduces the transport dimensions.

Concave Base Plate

The concave-shaped steel plate allows careful and accurate leveling of the pulling device when pulling sounding tubes that are under an angle

Tube Catching Device

The tube catching device prevents that the tubes slide back during the pulling operation. Holding the tubes by hand when moving the pulling device in the downward direction is no longer needed.

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